Visit at the Fabiola Perez‘s studio

To have our own atelier, where we find peace for work and can enjoy being creative, is the dream of every artist and creative person. That’s why, in every issue, we’re going to visit someone who has already made their dream come true. This time let’s go to Spain to Fabiola Perez, who is a well-known lecturer and artist with an amazing style of work.

“Welcome to my atelier, here is where I give and regular classes also the courses we eventually organize,” says Fabiola, one of the stars of the polymer clay scene. “It  is  a  rented place in the outskirts of Madrid, in a business area with all the hotels, shops, malls, and so on. It is near to a nature reserve where two of the main rivers going across the city of Madrid come together, so it is a nice place to enjoy both, nature and an urban zone.”


Looking at the Fabiola’s atelier, we can just stare in amazement. Such a gorgeous view, dozens of drawers with space for materials and tools: “All my work is here, from the old ones when I did not know clay (drawings mostly) to the newest techniques which I am teaching right now. Now I am in a phase of using different materials and techniques and putting it together so I love mixed media things because that allows me to use clay on different supports like boxes, canvas. Getting some original works that show my inspiration with more accuracy,” explains Fabiola, who is, beside clay, devoted to paper and paint techniques. Despite her handicap, she is a very successful artist and lecturer. The proof of that are dozens of full courses and satisfied participants. “I have been teaching here during the last three years and I am very happy, especially because of the wonderful light that enters from one of the walls, the crystal one, that lights up all the work tables, it is also a peaceful place where is easy to concentrate.”


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