Summer 2018


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Summer Inspiration

Faux Boulder Opal

- Samantha Burroughs

Polymer Clay Brands

Drop Shape Brooches

- Delphine Vignoble

African Pendant

- Irina Akulina

Yellow Summer Necklace

- Fabienne Bulles

Reveal the source

Olga Ledneva

Dream Clay Studio

Pendant in Ethno Style

- Stella Glushko

Polymer Clay Crayfish

- Lucy Štruncová

The Story of Carol Blackburn

Hanni Viktorová

Finding Your Own Voice

(Ronna Sarvas Weltman)

Colourful Cloud

- Mojca Horvat

Rose Garden

- Veruschka Stevens

Mike K. Viner

Aquarelle Poppies

- Pavla Čepelíková

Cheerful Pendant

- Pilar Rodríguez Domínguez

Galicia Landscape Necklace

- Ana Miguéns Bouzón

Stringed Cups Necklace

- Jeanine van der Linde

Polymer Clay Angel

- Ron Lehocky

Art Without Boundaries

(Shannon Tabor)

Spiral Necklace

- Silvia Ortiz de la Torre

Sonya Girodon

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