interview: donna kato

Donna Kato is one of the most famous polymer clay teachers, especially for her  own brand of polymer clay. Are you interested in the story of the production of her Kato Polyclay? You should continue reading!

“Don’t be afraid of challenges. We all make mistakes, toss them in the trash and try again.”

Can you tell us your story, please? What were your beginnings with the polymer clay?

I started working with polymer clay seriously sometime in the early 1990’s. I  had seen Nan Roche’s book, The New Clay and I knew I had to try it. Prior to that, I did play with it some after finding it   n  a  children’s toy store but I didn’t seriously pursue it until later.


Being a lecturer and teaching workshops around the world, you travel a lot and spend lots of time traveling. Do you enjoy such a lifestyle? Do you like meeting people from different countries and discovering new places?

I do enjoy traveling and teaching – I’ve met so many wonderful people and seen so  many places that I know I otherwise would not have. Polymer clay opened doors for me and I am very grateful for the life it has made possible.


When did you come to the moment that you said you would start working with the polymer and it would be your livelihood?

I think I decided that fairly quickly after re-discovering the medium. I had a bead store in Chicago and so I began to teach in the store. When my partner and I decided to   lose the store, I decided to  keep working with clay. Through the store, I met a woman who marketed Kemper products and she hired me to Demo at the big trade show in Chicago. That was the beginning of my career in clay.


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