The first thing, that will catch your attention on any kind of polymer clay product, is undoubtedly it’s own color palette. We chose some most interesting products from clayers from different countries, where you can see unique colors combinations, which complement the whole design and helps to stand out between others. Let’s be inspired.

Stéphanie Kilgast

It is a brilliant idea to use old cans and decorate them with polymer clay. The  concept is complemented by a  simple combination of colors.

Sonia Girodon is known for her polymer surface techniques. She used a combination of analogue colors and some silk-screening on her vase here.

Sonia Girodon

Pendant was created in combination of shades of complementary colors blue and yellow. Fine details are then highlighted with a  white paint.

Melanie Muir

Typical Melanie’s mokume gane technique is on this design piece in neutral colors with distinctive black. Combined with mica shift technique.

Martina Malášková

Even simple design can be attractive. Colorful textured flowers are made of the clay in the same family colors and each piece is sharing the olive green color.

Stéphanie Kilgast

Another piece from Stéphanie is more colourful. It uses rather playful combination of colors, which is suitable for the motifs of flowers.



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